Acute biphenotypic leukemia

gallifreyan Member Posts: 1

I am new here so I thought I would post a summary of my diagnosis.


In 2008 I was diagnosed with acute biphenotypic leukemia at the age of 16. After going through chemotherapy I entered remission. At the age of 18 (2011) I relapsed and recieved a bone marrow transplant, and again went into remission. I decided to put off college due to fatigue and lack of concentration because of chemobrain. Shortly after starting college I developed a chloroma. I dropped two of my classes in order to go to daily radiation. I soon had to drop the rest of my classes, and recieved a dual cord blood transplant. Just a month ago I relapsed again. However my bone marrow is clear, and they believe it is left over leukemic cells from my last relapse.


I do not know any other cancer patients/survivors above the age of 8 becuase I was originally admitted into a children's hospital. I feel none of my friends really can relate even though I know they try their hardest to. I am hoping I can make some friends here that know what I have been and am going through.