Spindle Cell Sarcoma on Right Triceps

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Hey all, 


My father was just diagnosed with spindle cell sacroma on his right triceps. It is quite large (12-13 cm long, 9 cm deep). He waited WAY TOO LONG to address this problem, assuming it was something less harmful (his procrastiation is a different topic that frustrates me profusely, trying to not let it get the best of me). 


LUCKILY, this has NOT metastisized...CLEAN CT and MRI scans!


The treamtment that the oncologist (Dr. D'Adamo, Dana Farber, Boston) has suggested seems very aggressive followed by a VERY aggressive surgery (leading to the loss of most of his tricep, along with his radial nerve which will limit the use of his hand immensely). Pre-operation, he would likely run through about 12-15 weeks of chemo, gemcitabine first, then docetaxel second...then radiation (amount TBD), then surgery. 


My first question is, "if it hasnt metastisized, and radiaiton and surgery is a definite, is chemo entirely necesary?"- The Dr. stated that his peers would likely be 50/50 on chemo, but never the less he recomended it. I'd hate to see , father suffer through it if it wasnt entirely neceassary. 


My second quesion is, "does anyone have any information on nerve grafting etc... that would indicate that he may regain the use of his hand (and what is left of his tricep) after the radial nerve being severed/removed through surgery?"


***My third question, the most applicable to this forum is, "what, as his son/family, should I/we do for him as he embarks on this journey?". My father is very tight lipped about most of his feelings, but I know he struggles with anxiety and depression to begin with, and I want make sure he stays positive enough to get through this strongly. His social network is VERY limited and he spends too much time alone. Him and my mother work opposite schedules, and that cant change now given fiscal hurdles they have coming thier way with this diagnosis. I intend to spend as much time as possible with him, but I want make sure I am saying doing the right things when with him. 



Thank you all for your amazing stories, and I look forward to hearing back from you inspiring folks.