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I was looking for another research group a few days ago and found University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.  They didn't have any trials that looked like I could be included but I read about a research scientist who was studing a deadly brain tumor that keeps recurring after NED.  He found that this particular cancer has its own stem cells that are not affected by chemo. So it is progressively recurrent.

Makes me wonder since all of our cancers are exclusive to each of us by certain genes or genomes in the structure, could it be that some who have NED for very extended periods of 10 -20 years do not have the cancer stem cells in their genetic sequence, and others of us who keep having recurrences do have cancer stem cells that are immune to chemo.

I think I got CRC w/ mets about 5 years too soon since research is really starting to get to the bottom of what makes cancer tick.



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    google metformin and


    google metformin and stem cells i am on 3 x 1000 mg daily before meals, it kills stem cells and lowers glucose.

    chemo does not kill dorminant or slowly dividing tumour cells, in fact chemo is often the signal for the dorma t cells to wakeup! thats my understanding.

    having had 3 recurrences myself, i am very interested in this.

    i much prefer current epigenetic theories over genetic, thats why i am on the ketogenic diet.

    to each his own!