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I am very sorry you and your sister-in-law and the rest of your family have had to suffer from ovarian cancer.  I believe most of the women on this board will agree that families suffer right along side us and their burden is great.  We are more than willing to offer support and compassion.

But you have not come here for support.  You haven't come to offer support.  You have come with an attitude of superiority with your message of clean diet, environment, etc.  I dare say, your attitude is as toxic as the additives you warn about.  I, too, believe that we would be healthier without many of the additives in our foods and in our environment.  But this electronic support group IS NOT THE PLACE!!

Find another web site or create a blog.  You will find many followers in that sort of forum.  There are even readers on this board who would probably seek out the sort of information you have to offer.  But NOT HERE!

i have tried to ignore you, hoping you would see for yourself that a support group board is not the place for you.  But I cannot ignore you any longer as you continue to harass my friends with your obnoxious postings.  I wish you well in finding a more appropriate setting for your ideas.



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    Well said

    Family members of cancer victims are very welcome here. I lost my brother from pancreatic cancer a year ago. This board is here to offer support to those who are going through life altering diagnosises, pain, fear, and uncertainty. As cancer patients and survivors we are treated by Oncologists, chemo nurses and staffs that have dedicated their lives to solving the mysteries of this disease. If it was as simple as not using microwaves, they all would win nobel prizes for medicine. We are very well imformed as to the dangers that chemo, CT scans etc. We are fighting for the quality and very quantity of our lives.

    It may not be your intention, but you sound as though you are "blaming the victim" and that is not helpful. Some of us choose to alter our eating habits, take supplements etc., but all of these things need to be run by our Oncologists before we start. Over the counter vitamins, etc. can alter or interfere with our treatments. Please keep this in mind before you make suggestions.

                                                       Maria.... 7 year survivor 3C... last 4 years on bi-monthly chemo







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    Thanks, Wholfmeister for the posting


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    jbahama. So sorry for your loss.

    I have no doubt that we can all benefit from a better diet and more attention to the environment. I respect your wish to share your beliefs with us. There have been others on this particular board who would agree wholeheartedly with your advice to ovarian cancer survivors and all others who wish to prevent getting cancer or any other illnesses. However, you might want to consider that you are writing to a group of women who already have ovarian cancer, some of whom have had recurrences, some of whom haven't yet but are fearful of the future. What I feel is lacking in your posts is empathy and respect for those of us who do not share your beliefs.

    Your posts remind me of why I had to block some of my facebook "friend's" posts from my wall. Using a public forum to push your agenda is neither the purpose of a social network nor of a support forum. For example, there are those whose religeous beliefs tell them that people who do not believe the same way will go to hell. Another example would be some political agendas that are contingent upon certain beliefs about abortion, gay marriage etc. I can respect that you believe that there is one way, and it is the right way, and if you don't follow the right way , you will suffer and die and you are an idiot if you don't listen to me, so you deserve your fate and futhermore, since I know the right way, nothing bad will ever happen to me. What I cannot condone is your lack of sensitivity to others who may not share your beliefs.

    I do think it best that you take your message elsewhere. 

    And by the way, I have a nutribullet (well, it's a Ninja, but they both do the same thing) but so far it hasn't prevented me from getting 2 cancers. I'll keep using it, though, because I love my daily spinach, kale, banana, cherry, blueberry smoothies. Sometimes, I'll add mango, strawberries and flax seed. 

    I hope not to hear from you ever again,


    All the best,


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    Sensible Answers

    Let me respond to your last question first: "why am I doing what?"  Classic denial of a bully.  And that is my problem with you: your bully attitude.

    Referring to us unkindly as old ladies and old dogs is indeed insulting to all of us.  Frankly, I don't mind being 61, and old dogs are some of God's sweetest creations.  But you intended these terms as derogatory.  Don't play innocent.

    What kind of support am I looking for on this board?  Emotional support.  Knowing support.  Encouragement.  Words of kindness and wisdom from human women who understand both my frailty and my strength.

    If you had really bothered to read much of what is written here you would know that few of us are content with current medical treatments for ovarian cancer.  You will find plenty of questioning and searching.  You will find lots of sharing about nutrition, alternative and complimentary treatments.  And you will find unselfish women participating in research trials in hopes of helping the future as well as themselves.  No, we are not content.

    Yes, cancer is our reality now.  It is the fact of my life.  And that is why I seek support on this board.

    Where is your sister-in-law now, you ask.  I don't know.  I won't pretend to know the circumstances of her spiritual beliefs.  I pray that her soul is soaring pain-free.

    You ask about the purpose of the CSN board.  And I told you in my original post we come here for support.  And I have explained what support means.  I am sorry you do not recognize the hope and inspiration shared among the members here.

    Open your eyes.  I don't disagree that our poor nutrition and toxic environment have given cancer an advantage.  And I agree trying to fight cancer without addressing these issues is short sighted.  What I don't agree with is your toxic, blaming attitude.  It is neither instructive or supportive.

    You have been called out as a bully by this community.  Please quit.

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    Jbahama account has been de-activated

    Good riddance...

    If she comes back under another user name, let's not engage. The whole purpose of "trolls" and "flamers" is to get a mass reaction and disrupt the board. If you ignore them, they get bored and go away.

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    Alexandra said:

    Jbahama account has been de-activated

    Good riddance...

    If she comes back under another user name, let's not engage. The whole purpose of "trolls" and "flamers" is to get a mass reaction and disrupt the board. If you ignore them, they get bored and go away.


    Good Riddance!