Chemo side effect?

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Hi, Ladies,

i'm relatively new to the board, but found this is a very good place to get help and positive energy. Being diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer, stage 3B in June, I have gone through surgery (non-optimon) and currently Taxel/Carbo chemo. Everything seems OK till my last chemo which was done about three weeks ago. My nausea seems lasted longer after the treatment and I felt weaker than before. A few days ago, I found that my urine turns to dark color, like black tea, and started itchy feeling all over my body. I try to drink a lots of water to bring the urine to close to normal color and called my doctor. He is going to check my liver function next week right before my last scheduled chemo. I'm just wondering if any one here had this kind of experience before? Is this the side effect from chemo? Any suggestion is appreciated!


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    You've done the right things

    It isn't unusual for the chemo to have a cumulative effect over time.  I don't know for sure what is happening in your body, but increasing fluids and calling the doctor immediately is the right course of action.  Rest.  A cool shower followed by soothing lotions might help the rash.  Keep pushing the fluids.  Best of luck!

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    Please let us know

    what your Onc finds out. I became allergic to carbo and need to take the older version which is cisplatin. Best of luck with getting this solved.......     ((((HUGS))))   Maria

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    Thank you

    Thank you ladies for the kindly reply! I'll let you know once I find out what is going on next week.

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    It is my liver

    I just had a doctor visit yesterday, and the blood work shows that my liver enzymes level elevated. ALT 251(normal range <34), AST 124 (normal <40); Alk phosp 487 (normal<140). My chemo has been cancelled for the abnormal liver function. The oncoligist did not give any explanation, but scheduled me a CT scan next week. I looked online and found that taxol does carry the side effect of liver damage. I also found some discussions of elevated liver enzymes level in taxol treatment. So I think most likely this is the chemo drug related side effect. I keep drinking a lots of water and try to rest more, eat a lots of fresh fruits and veg, hope this will help to bring down the enzyme level.My CA125 is 6 (the lowest number since I got this disease), I am happy with the number, but feel bumped have to stop the chemo. Understand this situation is not under my own control, I just hope the CT scan will bring me an encourage result and start from there.