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I have my surgery scheduled and have been told there will be a bit of a scar and of course the area where the colostomy bag is going to go. Is there any special creams

that anyone has used to keep the area soft and to minimize scarring?

I'm still learning to navigate this site, so if you've written to me or answered some of my posts and I haven't said thank you, I aplogize.

Thank you everyone for your kindness and time. I have never been more stressed or confused.


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    Hi, I have been away from my computer for a couple days taking a break from "stuff" in general to celebrate my birthday. My daughters and I toured a winery in Wisconsin, did some Christmas shopping, and lots of visiting and was wonderful!

    I don't remember the specifics of your surgery, I'm sorry. I have had my ostomy for going on three years now. It was originally intended to be reversed so I still have my anus/rectal area. I look the same in that regard, but it is not useable. If your surgery involves removal and closure, yes there will be some scaring, but from what I've learned it is usually minimal. Some people refer to the closer as a "barbie butt." I'm sure Laz would have knowledge of a cream if needed.

    As far as the ostomy opening/area, it is refered to as a stoma. Every surgeon has a different technique, so like a belly button, no two are exactly the same. As far as scaring or creams in that area it is usually not an issue. Best way to describe how it will look, (the opening) is to picture small lips but maybe flatter. There are several manufacturers of ostomy products and most hospitals will use who ever they contract with. Often it is Hollister. Try to get connected if you have not yet with a stoma nurse, they are a huge resource in helping find products that work best for your body/skin. I am also on an online support group called is for people from all over the world, young and old with ostomies. It has been really helpful for me also to join an in-person group that meets at a local hospital, but not all areas have these. This is one of those things that if someone does not have they just are incapable of comprehending issues that may arise. One thing I find most frustrating is that others usually asume it to be soooo much worse than it is!

    I won't lie, there is definately a period of adjustment, but in time, changing and emptying the bag becomes second nature. I am able to adjust my eating schedule and have learned which foods run through me faster than others or to avoid so that I maintain an active life. I help occasionally with my 6 grandsons, am back in college part time and volunteer at a community center a couple days a week. I am able to swim, do light yoga, and most anything else I did before. I dress a little different in that I used to tuck shirts in, and although I could, it is just less restrictive and more comfortable to wear a looser untucked style.

    There is also a group UOAA, gosh I think thats it, I must have had too much time away.....United Ostomy Assosciation of America. They have groups that meet in cties across the country and can help you in all sorts of ways. Once I realized how common this is in life, it was much easier to move on.

    Please ask anything you think of, if I don't know the answer I'll do some checking with people in my group. Hope this has been of some help.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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    I just want to wish you all the best with your surgery.  May it go well and may you have a swift recovery!

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    I cant answer your questions

    I cant answer your questions but just wondered whether you have had a look at Youtube at all? There are some inspiring videos, showing how easy it is to change a bag etc., and I saw a really cute one about a teenage couple who were talking about how it didn't affect their relationship. 

    All the best for a speedy recovery and a successful surgery