Advice For change in pathology

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Initial diagnosis Gleason 8, age 60 years

Pathology reviewed by Maimi VA and revised to Gleason 9, 4 cores

I am not fond of the idea of of EBRT and Adnrogen Supression therapy. I also understand that

the chance of getting clear margins in the face of Gleason 9 are slim/\




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    High risk for metastases

    Gleason score 9 is classified as high risk for metastases. This is a classification done with basis on past experiences but not all Gs 9 patients had cancer spread. Some guys chosed surgery instead of radiation however they were risking of getting recurrence which would require latter an "atack" with salvage radiotherapy. More treatments mean more risks for side effects that may be nasty.

    You can read the accounts of guys in similar status as that of yours, by age, in this site;  

    Here is Eric Gamble' story, a survivor of 20 years; 

    Hope for the best.

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