Gallbladder Cancer

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HI there, 


I recently had an ultrasound as a result of bloating and belching (lol) and headaches. The scan showed I have two gallstones and what appears to be a tumor or a very large polyp at 2cm. I could see it on the scan and it filled up one end of my gallbladder and unlike the stones it did not move around and stayed flat. 


I am concerned that my Specialist Dr is not taking it seriously. She keeps saying it's not cancer that I am too young to have this sort of cancer and it's incredibly rare and so she seems to be taking her time. She got me to have a second ultrasound done which showed no change. Now she wants me to get an MRI done. I really just would like to know from anyone here who has gone through the process of finding out if they have gallbladder cancer as to which test is the right one to do? i.e. what did you have to go through before diagnosis?

Is my specialist doing the right thing by me in ordering an MRI before doing anything else? I am not sure what the next step is - I think removal of the gallbladder. 


FYI I am insanely tired and sleeping 15 hours a day. So I feel like I can't battle these Dr's who are very like I say nonchalent about this mass on my gallbladder. I'm 29 years old with 3 children so I feel they should be acting faster etc - it's been nearly a month since it was first found - just want them to take the damn gallbladder out of me!!


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    Gallbladder cancer

    Hello rosedarlin

    You might want to post under the thread Gallbladder Cancer 2013 (any Stage).  That is the annual thread for this cancer on this site.

    I have no medical background; I have a relative with gallbladder cancer.

    Gallbladder cancer is rare, but serious.  Symptoms are not usually noticeable until the cancer has spread beyond the gallbladder when it is often not possible to operate.  The best chance of survival is if the cancer is restricted to the inside of the gallbladder.

    My relative had an ultrasound that was "worrisome" for cancer, and immediately went for treatment (surgery) at a specialist centre.  My relative had really limited options locally, and so travelled far for treatment.  I don't know about using the MRI or other tools for diagnosing gallbladder cancer. 

    My relative was late 30s upon diagnosis.  Although most patients with this cancer are 65+, younger people do get it.

    If you are going to have your gallbladder removed, and it is possible that you may have cancer, you should ask about the risk(s) of laparoscopic surgery versus an open method.  My (non-professional) understanding is that the cancer can be easily seeded/spread.  

    I don't know the medical practices everywhere, but in my region, laparoscopic surgery is contraindicated for removal of gallbladders if cancer is suspected pre-operatively.  If you're interested, you can search for www(dot)albertahealthservices(dot)ca, and the Clinical Practice Guideline GI-010 Version 3.  See Table 3, page 5 of 8, for the contraindication. 

    I'm sorry to hear that you are so tired.  If you do have gallbladder cancer, or test results that are worrisome for this cancer, it is important to be proactive and advocate for yourself. 

    I wish you well.