MoviPrep vs Miralax

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Last night I prepped for my 3-year colonoscopy using MoviPrep.  That stuff tastes awful!  The doctor's office said to hold my nose, drink through a straw, and then suck on a lemon, lime, or orange after every sip.  Then brush my teeth after each 8 oz. glass. Really???  Today I told the GI doc that I would never use MoviPrep again.  He said he had lots of complaints about it.  He told me they don't use Miralax any more because it had caused serious electrolyte imbalances.  Gee, that's too bad because I  could drink the Miralax unlike the MoviPrep.  He did tell me that there were a couple of preps being developed and that something else would be available for my next colonoscopy.  



  • Clean Colon

    My GI doc has me use sodium phosphate.  One little 3oz bottle mixed in whatever clear fluid tastes good.  No, it doesn't taste good, but you can guzzle it down in one dose.   It does its magic, then 6 hrs before the scope you do the dose again.  Whalla: shiny clean colon.   Dan