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Hi. I'm Biz. I was here in 2011 after my colon resection. I did FOLFOX. Then in 2012 they found a lemon-sized tumor in my liver. That was cut out, and I was put on Xeloda. Now in 2013 I have multiple lesions in my lungs and one in my spleen. Three months of FOLFIRI w/ Avastin. Then if that works they will put me on maintenance chemo for as long as it does any good.

My question is about nausea. What has worked for you?

Thanks, Biz


  • ripley86
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    I found what worked best for while I was on Xeloda was ginger beer. It is non alcoholic and I only needed to take a shot and it delved it right away. In New York, all the major grocery stores have it on the speciality aisle or it can be found in health food stores.f

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    Two things...

    Ativan and pot.

    The Ativan I took at a pretty high dose (2 mg 3x per day), and it does make you sleepy, but it was very effective for nausea.  Tried it on the advice of an experienced chemo nurse after everything else failed and was thrilled when it worked.

    Pot was a little less effective, but I could usually function better on it than the Ativan.  Didn't make me quite so sleepy (unless I ingested it, then I would  end up drooling on my pillow for a few hours).

    I'm sorry you have to rejoin us.  That sucks.

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    Ativan helps a lot of people maintain but does make you  sleepy.  Many also use Marinol. These help a lot and can keep your weight up.