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Does anyone take collagen supplements?

If so, which one? I am trying to find collagen to help me with my skin deterioration due to lack of estrogen.


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    Hi, I started taking Silicea colloidal mineral silica gel for stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger thumb). I had noticed around June (2 years 6 months post surgery) that I was much more achy which I put down to oestrogen loss, and then the following month damaged my thumb. Had to have it splinted as I could not afford surgery. It is almost back to normal. Just slightly stiff and 'pinging' sometimes. The added benefit of treatment was that my nails, hair and skin improved. I did some research on silica and found that bananas and oats are very rich sources. Not sure if they are as well absorbed but I have added them to my diet.

    Silicea is a German product but I found an Australian brand that is a few dollars less for same amount. Not sure what brands you have in US.

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