Worried need spme infp

Hello everyone. I have not been dx with colon cancer but I have a few questions for you who have. First about me.. I am 33 southern I'll I have be dx with ovarian cancer last yr that spread to liver gallbladder spleen pancreass tip. I had gallbladder a smal tip of pancress left ovary 6 lymphnodes tumor taken off spleen and chemo for the liver and remaining. Which they say was a sucess. Then 6 mo later....I suffered problems with kidney and bladder... seems I have sores all over bladder and begining of kidney problems. Durring this found my ovary left is noe enlarged and mimics last one so afraid cancer again in that. also was told durring a kidney scan that the uterus isn't smooth it looks like crumbled up piece of paper there are a lot of growths??? My obgynoncologist is waiting to check cause also durring that scan they are sending me to a gi Monday and a colon rectal the first for colonscopy. Won't say exactually y. My sympotoms r as follows: a bout of not being able to expel stool always feels like stool is inside to point sometimes( maybe 3 times in last 3 months inside what I think is my rectum hurts bad I can't sit down with out feeling bad pressure in rectum that I feel compresses spine puts pressure on my uterus causing pain there.) I have bouts of stool I can't expel ( but its daily so ill poop daily some times takes 2 days) stool has blood in it not just on it and white mucus every time to diahrrea same day with slime and blood and 3 or 4 days of that. These symptoms have been going on for months but drs ignored said side effects of meds untill the scan a month ago. I know when I wear jeans the slightest pressure of the band hurts so bad I'm crying in an hour and now I have to roll down band to hips and wear big sirts cause my stomach is so tender. I feel as if a pitchfork has stabbed me daily all day.bloated so much to point can watch as it happens miserable so miserable have completley done elemanation of foods already on special diet for kidneys but elimnated so many other foods to try and stop pain and some help but no reliefe. Does this sound like any of your symptoms?


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    Dear Friend,

    I'm a 48 year old male, was diagnosed with rectal cancer in May. Had all the symptoms you describe: pain in the butt, blood mucous in the stool, and my whole lap and hip area is very tender to the slightest pressure. Couldn't even stand loose underwear. You need a detailed diagnostic process, because you have so many issues.

    Once you have all your scans and tests, have a couple of independent opinions.

    I wish you the best possible outcomes.


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    Please tell us...

    Please tell us the nearest large city in your area.  This might help to give you some suggestions for a more comprehensive assessment of your situation.

    I believe that given your previous diagnosis and now all these additional symptoms, you need a TEAM of doctors who are used to working together and can give you best diagnosis and treatment plan.

    Marie who loves kitties

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    I'm not sure about the symptoms as they relate to crc,

    but if you have this much pain you absolutely must talk to your doctor about the situation.  With the amount of spread you describe, I would think that they would have you on a regular scanning schedule.  Have they actually not scanned in 6 months?  If that's the case, I would seek a 2nd opinion, hopefully as Marie says from a major cancer center.

    Keep us posted~Ann Alexandria