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Hello sandysp...been thinking of u!  How are u?  Doing ok?


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    Sorry I missed this . . .

    I just saw this. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

    I have been pretty self involved lately. I am getting a Cochlear Baha Implant next week which will mimic very well hearing from the left ear. The left ear is as always will be totally deaf, but the implant conducts the sound from the right ear to the left.

    In all this drama, I let the Lymphedema cause me discomfort and have to go back for therapy and got some new compression stockings (the greatest things since sliced bread!).

    How are you?

    Thanks for your inquiry. I think my teeth need some pretty serious work too. My jaw on the left side (where the deafness occurred) is burning and aching almost all the time. Unfortunately, I can't take the Naproxen since it thins the blood. Tylenol just doesn't do what an anti-inflammatory can do for me.

    How long are you out of treatment now?

    All the best,