Hyperbaric Chamber

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Hello Everyone,

I have had four in the past year and half because of Bc. Has anyone had to go in the

Hyperbaric Chamber to heal. 


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    bumping up ...

    This is the first I have heard of anyone here on our Site ..  Again,  this is just me ..


    Vicki Sam

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    There is someone named

    There is someone named WendyKay that had cervical cancer and used the hyperbaric chamber. You may want to send her a private message and ask her how it went.

    On the homepage of CSN, on the very right hand column, there are some small words that say "Member Search." Click that link then type her name in the box and press enter. That will bring  you to another screen. Click on her name, which brings you to her profile.

    At the bottom of the profiles it states "Send This User A Message." Click that link and it will allow you to send her a private CSN email.

    I don't know how often she is online, I have only seen her in the chatroom in the evenings occasionally.

    Hope she can help you.

    You could always try breastcancer.org, too. I use this site and that site.