I need some info from you beautiful heroes!


My dad was dx stage 4 in January of this year.  Started chemo had complications with clots on in April on avastin.  Now on oxiliplatin and 5fu pump every 2 weeks.  In August back to hospital after fever after testing and some meds sent home cell count was 4.1 then  Here we are again today at the hospital after dad was shaking last night with sweats.  He was very dehydrated and against his fighting i took him to the er.  Tests show dehydration and lactic acid in kidney.  His blood count is 2.8 so they are admitting him.  He is on an iv and antibiotic drip.  They cannot identify the source of the issue.  Some test indicates a high level that correlates with infection but they cant say where it is present.  I really want to ease dad's mind.  Doc said its not from progression of disease as his chemo shows improvement.  

What can we do?  It seems chemo is killing the good cells and making him weak.  Anyone been in the same boat?  What is the alternatives?  What should i discuss with his doc?



God Bless you all! 


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    I forgot to mention he had a

    I forgot to mention he had a fever which has since come down.  

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    It seems like many of us have fever with chemo...

    and it sounds like your dad is in the right place to get care and get back on his feet.  If he was dehydrated, some (maybe all) of his issues may stem from that.  Dehydration is one of the big dangers we face while in tx.  In the future, you might want to try and get your dad in for IV infusions through his clinic if it looks like he's not getting enough fluid.  I landed myself in ER twice before I realized I could call my doctor and make arrangements to go directly to the clinic and get hydrated.  So maybe talking with the doc about warning signs and how to manage dehydration would be a good thing (and/or ask the nurses...they often are incredibly helpful).

    Unfortunately this is the nature of chemo.  In the act of killing the bad cells, it kills our good cells as well.  Do you know what the long-term plan is for your dad?  Are they using chemo to work towards surgery?

    Many hugs to you both~Ann Alexandria

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    I had fever...

    ...and night seats at the beginning of my treatment. Some doctors say its some germs leaking into the blood stream from the cancer. Some say it's your body fighting the cancer. Others say the cancer itself can generate heat. Dehydration comes with fever too. During chemo all those cells killed need clean up too. I think it's the combination of all above.

    Have to look at the blood work to see if there is an infection Then antibiotic is indicated. Mine disappeared with treatment.

    Wish you and your family the best.


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    Sorry I'm not able to help you with your father's issues but I'm hoping that he feels better soon.  It can be frustrating while going through treatment as everyone is different but I'd make sure to ask the doctor for other tests to make sure they can find out the problem and don't let him go home until they are able to help him.  Don't let your dad be a "well this should work" for you situation.  Thanks for taking care of him.  Keep us updated.