My disease impedes my studies.

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Hi guys,

I  read some of stories. It is hard to express my sorrow. I am sad for circumstances that bring us together. I hope we will be strong enough to fight back Smile

I would like to hear your advices on a certain problem that I faced. I am 4th year university student and all these years I have a brest tumor – fibroadenoma (III decade).

For the first three university years I have gone through two surgeries. The doctors are not professional enough at my country. They could not remove it at first two surgeries; they used out of date technique and some powerful drugs for anasthesia. Due that time, I got a memory failure. If before I was good at my classes with GPA 4.0, but after these surgeries, even though I have been studying for 11-12 hours per day, my grades rolled down. Because of all these unprofessionall treatment that resulted my GPA to drop to 2.52 I decided to take a risk to cancel my 3rd surgery in a favor of trying to fix GPA.  

Anyway, I have no chance to raise my GPA above 3.0. This year I am applying for Masters to Stanford University. But it is almost impossible to succeed. My professors are ready to give me a reccommendation letter but they advice me to step back from this ambition.

I meet all other requirements of top schools except GPA.

What you reccommend me to do against the facts?


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    Well  I'm not sure what to tell you.

    Are you going to have the third surgery?

    Without your health dear, how will you be able to finish school?

    Is it Breast cancer that you have?

    You might have to put off school for a little while and concentrate on your health.

    Please keep us informed on what you decide to do.