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I have just come across this site.

i had an open nephrectomy on my right kidney due to a 9cm tumour which had spread to lymph node, attached itself to my liver and also my back muscles.  Currently suspected T3, N0, M0 although waiting for pathology results.  I am on day 8 of my recovery.  


Question on has anyone else had their tumour attached to other parts of their body and what was the outcome?

ps I am a 41 year old female And tumour removed was 16cm in size including my kidney 


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    Tough initiation


    The good news,


    They caught it before it could be a lot worse and you are only 41 making reconery a lot easier than the average club member who gets initiated between 50 and 70.


    Hopefully there won't be any bad news and they got it all. However  with the extra issues gotng in rhere is no free ride. And be sure you folow up with all the scans, and lets hope the worst is behind you.



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    thinking of you.

    Sorry to welcome you to the club.  Do the scans and follow up.  You're relatively young which helps.  Praying for you. 



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    Hi and Welcome

    Sorry you have to join us, but glad you posted. Welcome to the site.

    Hope they figure out what's going on and you get a good treatment program going soon.

    I don't understand the staging you mention. It seems to contradict your other comments about the tumor/cancer involving lymph nodes, liver, muscles, etc. N0 means no lymph nodes involvement and M0 means no mets outside the single tumor. T3 means the tumor was confined to the kidney. You'll get an accurate staging when they have the pathology report I guess. Please update us on how you're doing.

    Are you seeing a medical oncologist? Or a urologic oncologist? What have they said in terms of follow-on treatment?

    Best wishes to you. Hang in there and post back. They've made some really good progress treating this disease in recent years. Make sure you find a medical oncoogist that knows something about RCC, or is willing to do the research.

    Take care,