Dawne update, prayers please

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Dawne spent a week in the hospital, she has been at home since Monday evening. I want to start by saying Dawne is amazing! I was able to see her several times and she never failed to make me feel better!! On one of my visits I was so very worried about her that day, but that amazing faith and her spirit was shining through even on a dark day. She was having trouble breathing and in so much pain but still fighting like a champ!! She has an amazing family that was right there with her fighting too.

Dawne did find out the cancer has spread to the lining of her heart. In true Dawne strength she had her moment of tears and then was ready to fight the fight. She is on oxygen and has nursing care at home. Her daughter is with her and her Mom too when her husband has to be at work. Her husband is a rock for Dawne and so is every member of the family that I had the privledge to meet. Dawne had some very scary moments in the hospitial but she fought through them.

Dawne is an amazing Christian with a firm faith. I know not everyone believes in God. I am not going to apologize for speaking of the God Dawne and I both love and serve. I don't want to offend anyone but, it is impossible to speak of Dawne without mentioning her faith in God and the strength he gives her. Dawne shines his love for all to see. Even feeling so bad and hurting as bad as she is right now Dawne is a inspiration to many, myself included.

Dawne sees her Onc on Friday to see what the next step will be. Thank you all for the kind words and support you show. Please continue to keep her and family in your prayers and thoughts. God Bless you all

                                                            (((hugs))) Janice



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    sending good thoughts

    and hopes and prayers.



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    Sending pixie dust and good

    Sending pixie dust and good thoughts...


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    Prayers For Dawne

    Janice, thank you again for all the updates on Dawne and for being a friend to her and the faith you both have in GOD! I pray that she is pain free soon and keeps shining her light for all to see. My the Lord bless Dawne & her family and espicaly a good friend as you in your times of need. My HIS love shine on us all.

    In my Prayers


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    So very sorry...

    Thinking of Dawne and sending positive thoughts and prayers.  Thank you Janice for giving the latest update.

    Best to you, Dawne and her family,


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    Thank you

    You are the angel to a friend when it's needed. Thank you for the updates and letting us know about her faith and what it means. Prayers to all and may she feel the presence of our good wishes flowing her way.


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    God Bless her,and her strength to keep fighting. Dawn and her Family are in my prayers.

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    Special Prayers for a Special Lady...

    My prayers are with Dawne and her family. We all are part of her family. God will give her the strengh she needs to keep the fight going. 

    Prayers and Hugs,


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    You are a sweetheart, Janice


    I can feel Dawne's courage and faith in your post.  It is sweet of you to keep us updated. Dawne's family sounds wonderful, and I know you're a comfort to them.  I believe in the power of prayer and will keep you both in mine.  Hugs, Linda

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    Bless her heart and you are a

    Bless her heart and you are a wonderful friend.  I am not a believer but totally have nothing but respect for those who have faith and have no problem but admiration for those who do so.   I will think of her every day.

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    Prayers and positive thoughts

    I am so sorry that she is having it so rough. I am having her in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you, Janice, to keep us updated.

    Hugs, Carmen

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    My Prayers

    My prayers for Dawne. Thank you Janice for posting.

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    My Prayers

    My prayers for Dawne. Thank you Janice for posting.

    sending hope, strength and prayers ...

    Thank you for the update ..


    Vicki Sam

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    VickiSam said:

    sending hope, strength and prayers ...

    Thank you for the update ..


    Vicki Sam

    Sending positive thoughts

     Sending positive thoughts Dawne's way. Hoping she is having a better day 

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    Sending prayers to

    Sending prayers to Dawne.



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    Sending prayers to

    Sending prayers to Dawne.



    Lots of Prayers

    Lots of Prayers for Dawn and her Family

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    Sending lots of prayers and

    Sending lots of prayers and hugs to you both.  You are both amazing!

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    I will keep Dawne in my

    I will keep Dawne in my thoughts for sure. Thank you for keeping us posted and being such a good friend to her.



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    Thank You

    Thank You for the update.Dawne is  a fighter and won't give up.I wouldn't either.I would be praying everyday for a miracle and many times it happens.It has for me. I've known times I was in critical condition but alert through it all. I wasn't about to give up.Sounds like Dawne.

    There's always that glimmer of hope.   

    Prayers to Dawne, her family, friends and to you Janice for being such a good friend to Dawne.

    Lynn Smith 

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    Thank you so much for the update, thank you for not apologizing for Knowing and trusting in God ,i know a lot on here don't like to accept our God but there's no other than him,I love Dawnes spirit and yours too!I will continue to pray for her and the family.~~MollyZ~~

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    I am praying for you Dawne

    Thank you Janice for the update on Dawne and her family. I have been thinking of her since I read the last update. Reading her post/comments would always make me laugh. Please tell her that she is in my prayer including her family and all of you.

    God Bless you all,