Book: My beautiful life - a ovarian cancer survivor (stage 5) by eating habits as a non-traditional

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I got a question on the board about finding the book I was talking about and which me and my mum followed and took some advice from. We used it as complimentary to the traditional regimens and my mum thought it helped a lot and we got two beautiful years together after her initial diagnosis of primary peritoneal cancer staged V in age of 62. I do not think it is for everyone nor the answer on treatment but an interesting book to read if you want. I think everyones journey is different but this was our coping strategy during the two years.. It can be bought on


Sophie (Sweden)

My Beautiful Life

How I Conquered Cancer Naturally

av Mina Dobic

As a top academician in her home country of the former Yugoslavia, Mina Dobic led a privileged life. That all changed in 1987, when Mina was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer that had metastasized to her liver, bones, and lymph system. Mina's doctors gave her only two months to live. She reviewed the literature and quickly realized that the chemotherapy and radiation treatment offered by her physicians was not a viable option. Instead, she did something remarkable: She decided to adopt the macrobiotic way of life. Six and a half months later, Mina Dobic was cancer free. My Beautiful Life tells her story. During her journey to wellness, Mina passed from cancer victim to cancer survivor, from patient to healer, from student to teacher. My Beautiful Life not only eloquently explains how Mina recovered from cancer, but also details how cancer can be prevented through diet and a simple philosophy of living in balance with nature.