Cold Laser Therapy for radiation burns??



My sister is in her final week of radiation therapy and has been receiving cold laser therapy to treat her burns.  I did not know she had not told her dr she was doing this and her burns are so bad her skin is literally peeling off.  I'm concerned that the cold laser therapy could be exacerbating this.  Does anyone have any information or experience they can share?  I've tried researching it but I can't seem to find any info connecting the therapy to radiation treatment.




  • disneyfan2008
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    I had no burning at all

    I had no burning at all -sorry to hear about your sister. I have no advice-just wanted to say thinking of her and I am sure others here will have great ADVICE..


  • Marcia527
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    You should tell your sister to show the radiation doc her burn area and tell him about the other treatment. The doc needs to know what other treatments and medications she is using. Some things may interfere with her treatment. I had burnt areas also. My radiologist told me to leave the area rest and he gave me instructions on what to do to heal it. . Then we continued treatment. 

    Hope your sister heals fast. I don't have any knowledge about Cold Laser Therapy.