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I had a historectumy a year ago for uterine cancer. And now over a year later I have been having problems with my brests. Meaning the discharge a lump and some pain. I have been to doctors about it but they are not sure yet. One main question I have is can you end up with breast cancer after you had uterine cancer? is it even possible. The third doctor I finially went to said it was sometimes and that he wants to keep an eye on whats going but he isn't telling me much so I guess I am kind of worried. Anyone have any answers.


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    Cannot understand the people

    Cannot understand the people you have seens attitude.  I can not answer your question about the order of cancers can be caught, but a discharge is very important to get checked and obviousley any lump which could be something or nothing.  I would immediately see your local Breast Cancer facility and get checked out thoroughly.  Keeping an eye on it?  He has to be joking.  I was told to go to Emergency a few weeks back by my Oncol and had a pelvic exam ONLY don't worry no problems was told.  The EMERGENCY NURSE ADVISED A PROPER OVARY TEST, today found out have Ovarian Cyst exactly where severe pain had been which probably caused the hip pain a few days ago, unusual bleed, and excessive left pain in tummy.   So much for hospital doctor.  The nurse on the other hand should have his job.  This too could be nothing but  I can bet my Oncol tells me to immediately see a specialist instead of another follow up scan in December!!  Was on Tamoxifen for two and a half years we all know what that can do. Go with your gut feeling.  Good luck.

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    Don't wait

    Go to your local breast cancer centre and demand to be checked.  This is not something you should be waiting on.  Even if only for your own peace of mind.  Good luck........ go do it

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    Worried About You

    Having a hysterectomy does not prevent you from getting breast cancer. Go get a mammogram. If you cannot find a place or it's too expensive, contact the Susan G Komen website. The daughter of a friend did that recently because she was unemployed and could not afford a mammogram. The Komen foundation sent her to a local place that did not charge her anything. Please do not wait another day.

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    You certainly have different

    You certainly have different cancers after 1 DX.    They may be related (metasis) or unrelated.   I'm a 4 yr IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) survivor and as far as I know I'm still NED (No Evidence of Disease)  BUT I now also have 2 different forms of skin cancer (Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinoma) that are totally unrelated to my IBC.  I am VERY 'white skinned' with light green eyes and have spent a lot of time outdoors so not surprising at all.  Point is - for me my IBC is not related to my BCC and SCC though the BCC and SCC are related to my outdoor life and my ancestors origins.

    Find a DR who will check out what is going with you NOW not later.  A new mammo/US; culture; biopsy would be a start.

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    I would have told that doctor to keep an eye on my **** as I walk away and get another opinion. I'm pissed off for you. Get a biospy somewhere else. Be your own avocate and be demanding of what you want and persistant.