Home, sweet home!

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The trip went well, my wife made a nest for me in the hatchback and I was very comfortable. When we got home it shocked me how colorful our home is after the pale colors of the hospital. We have to rearrange a few things, because I can't sit for awhile and have to roll in and out of the bed. My sister in law made me chicken soup again, which is the best TWM (Traditional Western Medicine). I still have these darn hiccups , but getting better.

Take care all of you,




  • mp327
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    Welcome home!  Thanks for updating us and letting us know that you tolerated the trip home well.  Yum--homemade chicken soup IS the best medicine, along with lots of TLC, which it sounds like you are getting.  I hope those annoying hiccups subside soon and you have a clear path to recovery.  You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.  Take care! 

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    Glad to hear you made it home comfortably. I live in "chilly" Wisconsin, it was 40 degrees and cool rain last night, the homemade chicken soup is a great supper idea!

    Rest well, and heal!

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    You must feel so comfy all settled in at home! This may be a great time for you to catch up on any movies you want to see. Nothing like homemade chicken soup and a good movie. Sounds like you are on the road to recovery.
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    So glad your home and let the healing begin. Lori