so mad so upset so sad

My mom passed away Oct 13, 2012 and I am still so upset.  My heart feels as if its been ripped in two.  She was taken from us way too soon. I'm 37 and I am so angry all the time.  What the cancer did to her was so horrific, and will be burned into my memories forever. Nobody deserves to sufferthe way she did.  I haven't been to the mausoleum since the funeral and I dont think i can. Am I a bad person because of this...I loved my mom she was the best! Just hard


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    So sorry

    I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. I wish I had something to say that would make you feel better. It is never easy to lose a loved one especially a parent. Cancer sucks and it takes lives every day. Your mom faught a hard battle that nobody ever should have to fight. I wish there were easier ways of dealing and coping with something like this and I wish that so many amazing people wouldn't have to be lost in the quest for a cure. CANCER SUCKS!!

    My heart truly and sincerely goes out to you. Try not to let yourself get down and stay strong. I don't know you nor did I know your mom...but I know that if your mom was anything like mine she would not want you to feel sad or lost. She would want you to live your life and stay strong and keep her memory alive and strong. I think you are doing a great job of that already. You shared your story with the rest of us and without ever meeting you or your mom, you will be forever in my heart. 

    Please feel free to message me if you need to talk, vent, cry, curse...anything. 

    Stay strong and you will get through this.