Cancer Pesearch Projects - Are We on the Wrong Track?

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I lost my Father to Brian cancer a few months ago and was doing some critical thinking on the available treatment options and the ongoing reseaches and wrote the following blurb below. Please feel free to give your feedback on my disucission below :



Cancer Pesearch Projects - Are We on the Wrong Track?


Most of the research projects focused on cancer are based on the assumption that all cancer occur due to abnormalities in DNA sequence and that this happens when the genome within cells of the human body is exposed to mutagens and suffer mistake in replications.  Moreover, it is widely accepted as a fact and believed by all medical doctors and researchers that the formation of tumors basically results from cell growths that get out of control. We are being told over and over again that human genome has different type of genes that control cell growth in a precise way and when these genes have an error in the DNA code then these do not work properly and are regarded as altered or mutated. These researches conclude that “Mutation of Genes lead to Development of Cancer “. A tremendous amount of resources are poured in terms of money and intellectual contribution from the medical field to find out a cure for cancer based on the Mutation of genes assumption.


I am skeptical of this very basic assumption in Cancer research and would like to float questions to these qualified researches and professionals that what if it is the other way around and it is cancer that causes the Mutation of genes and not the genes that result into cancer. My theory is that diseases like Cancer can affect or damage genes. To put it into simpler form, I would reiterate that Damage in DNA or Mutation of genes is a symptom of Cancer but not it’s Cause and unfortunately most of the current research is focusing on the symptoms and not the root Cause. This could be the main reason why  despite all the earnest efforts, the medical field has not been able to find a cure for cancer we might be  following the wrong suspect here and chasing him for miles without any solid results.


 The questions that come to my mind are:


  •  We are not able to find a cure for Cancer despite decades of research and spending millions on Cancer research. Could it be that we are on the wrong track and the research is misdirected?


  •  DNA mutation causing cancer or is it the Cancer /Disease itself that damages the genes and causes cancer?


  •     Are we missing something very big here for instance could it be a strain of pathogen, bacteria or virus that causes most of the cancers? This could be very difficult to trace especially in case of viruses because many of the virus have this hit and run approach. These viruses might  induce cancer and then vanishing before the disease is caught and this making it difficult to find a cure?


  •      Chemical imbalance in the body? Deficiency of essential nutrients?

If the above is true than the cure for most of the Cancer would be in Pathology and not in Oncology or Genealogy.  My suggestion to researchers working to find cure for Cancer would be to focus more on the Causes of Cancer and less on the Effects or at least take the whole Cause – Effect relationship into the consideration when trying to find a cure for Cancer.  Mutation of Genes could be an effect of the disease and not the cause of the Cancer.  A possibility exists that there could be strain of virus or a form of pathogen totally unknown to us and causing Cancer and gets away unnoticed.  Instead of spending millions on Genome projects, Oncology and new Chemo drugs would it be at least an option to explore the Pathogen Connection?

 I would like invite and request Cancer Researchers, Oncologist and related medical Processionals for their feedback on my assumptions especially the Pathogen Cancer connection and DNA Mutation as a possible effect of Cancer and not its true cause. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

 I would also like to Clarify that the purpose of this writing is not to undermine or insult the contributions of the Cancer field researchers but to propose other venues – thinking out of the box of current school of thoughts.  I am not from the field of medicine but having lost couple of relatives to Cancer, I did some critical thinking on the current approaches to treat cancer and the above ideas are its result. I wish that our scientists /researches find a cure for Cancers soon and save humanity from this deadly disease.

 Thank you All for your time.




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    causes of cancer

    There is no specific disease of "cancer" that would cause the DNA mutations that we currently call cancerous.  It is known that exposure to carcinogenic substances, electrical fields and cell damage from inury are all potential sources of mutation in the genome.  These mutations are what cause cancerous growth in previously healthy tissue.  There are typically several steps required in the mutation process for the normal cell to develop into a cancerous one. Curing cancer really is not going to come from a pathological search for a disease source, as happens with bacterial, viral or fungal infection.  Curing cancer is going to come from finding a way to stop the cell mutation from developing into a fast-growing cancerous form.  The main problem is determining a way to detect those changes as they are happening, and before they become cancerous.  Once the mutation has happened, we aren't "curing" the disease but "treating" it.  Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are all treatments which are used in an attempt to remove the damaged cells or stop their growth, but this doesn't happen until after the cancerous cells are already present and growing.  Curing a disease has to do with finding a way to stop it from happening - as occurred with the small pox vaccine.