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My dad was diagnosed on July 2nd with AML.. We just found out that it is Acute Erythroid Leukemia, of course one of the rarer ones. Anyway, he did a clinical trial first and it only killed 80% of the cancer. He then did the standard induction chemo and that wiped his bone marrow clean. He has had a hard time getting his numbers back up and there was talk that he may have MDS? They took him off the neupogen shot a week ago and his numbers dropped a little but seem to be holding. He has since left the hospital and is doing great!! Feeling well and eating so much better. We saw his out patient dr last week and she talked about stem cell transplant. This kind of freaked us out.. I don't think that we were ready to talk about that just yet. Plus it is so risky with out the 100% guarantee.  He has another bone marrow biopsy this month. Praying it comes back clean. I am not sure what i am even asking??  Just wanted to know if anyone had any feed back on M6, had this type and has survived, had the stem cell transplant? Thank you




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    My hubby had AML M6...yes, one of the rare ones.  Diagnosed Jan 2012, just hit 1 year of post-treatment remission. He did the standard chemo;  it didn't wipe it clean the first time, so they immediately gave him more.  It was a VERY rough few weeks.  The numbers to take a while to come up.  He has not had the stem cell transplant as of yet.  He is in remission and wont need it unless he relapses, but at first that was the original plan.  i know people who have had the transplant and while it is a rough road, the outcomes are often quite good.  If I were you, I would be asking LOTS of questions.  Treatment and prognosis will depend on age, DNA typing, etc.   hope that helps.