Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to update you on my latest. As you already know my cancer is back. I have been busy the last few weeks with appts. I went to Duke University in Durham, NC for a second opionion and see if there were any clinical trials available. The doctor I saw there was very thorough and said that other than the cancer I was healthy and too youing not to try another drug. She did have a clincial trial that she suggested. it was Doxil along with a randomized drug AMG386.  I would would get Doxil once a month and the other drug if I am chosed by the computer, if not I still go once a week to receive either the trial drug or placebo. I hope and pray I get chosed for the trial drug. it is a 50/50 chance.  I just finished up today with all the test that I have to have in order to in the trial. I did get lucky and when I went back to my Dr. in NC they had just opened up the trial here in Winston-Salem so I am getting on the trial here in my hometown vis driving 2 hours to Durham. I did find out today that my CA 125 test has gone from 2900 to 4075 so I am anxious to get the chemo started to see if I am going to respond. I start Wed of this week.

We just had the annual Athena's run/walk for gyno cancer survivors this past Sat. I wasn't able to run but I did the walk. This is a very nice event and my team raised the most money over $5,000.00 which will go toward research for gyno cancer patients.

Please keep me in your prayser and thoughts. You guys are in my prayers everyday.

Glad to see that you have been on Julie. I was getting worried about you.