breast tenderness


I had my right breast masectomy in March 2012, but now for about amonth, I have been have been experiencing tenderness pain in my breast area.

Naturally I am nervous about this, however, with that surgery, I also had a complete hysrectomy also, so that threw me into menapause.

I was hoping that somebody would be able to let me know if this is normal with menopause, or not.

Also, I underwent target therapy, I cannot take hormones, especially estrogen.



  • VickiSam
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    Please walk, run to you surgeon -

    allow him/her to provide you with answers.  It might just be a pulled muscle, or something more serious.  In my opinion,  this is nothing to fool around with --  get help via a medical professional ...

    Please update when possible.

    Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.


    Vicki Sam