Another Peritoneal NED

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Tho mine wasn't PPC, but rather metastatic appendix cancer with extensive peritoneal mets, I'm happy to say that my scan this week continues to show me as NED.  That's 6 years post-op and treatment; 6 1/2 years post diagnosis.

As a result of my peritoneal mets, I lost my omentum, all "female" parts, part of my peritoneum, and several sections of my colon that had tumor seeding on the outside.  A great surgeon, and IP chemo cleaned me up and put me back together.

Next scans/visit in 18 months!




  • JulieBelle
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    Wonderful News!

    That is such great news to read Alice!!   Just thrilled for you and something for us all to aspire to.   

    Keep it up and enjoy every beautiful day!

    Julie x

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    What great news!

    Congratulations! You inspire me, & I hope for the same. Thanks for letting us know!