Craig, Joe, kennyt, Beebee,

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You guys are quiet. What going on? Show us some love...don't want to go under the knife before I hear from you and about you.



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    Joe and Craig posted recently

    Joe and Craig posted recently on other threads although I am with you that I really miss hearing from them on a regular basis. Kennyt has been posting on the Colon Club forum lately.

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    Hi Laz.  I love it that

    Hi Laz.  I love it that you're so concerned with other people considering all you have going on in your own life.  I'm sure it will be a long weekend for you and your wife as you wait for Tuesday.  I am glad that your finally getting this surgery over with and will be able to move on to the next stage of the journey.  I suspect your surgery will go very smoothly and you'll have a quick and uneventful recovery period.  I know you were understandably thrown for a loop when you learned that the tumor did not shrink.  I think it will all turn out okay in the end.  Sending good vibes your way on Tuesday.  



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    Hey Laz

    Thanks for your concern about everyone. 

    No worries here on this as usual for me.  Down about 38 lbs now but  still got lots to give back.  Gastric is my biggest challenge as just aboiut anything is a struggle though I'm staying hydrated to stay clear of the ER.  Water and milk are my friends and lifeline right now.  I eat where I can but not very much as it is too difficult.

    I"m following you and know you are going to surgery.  I wish for nothing but success for you.  I've done 4 major surgeries myself....I seemed to be less apprehensive after each one, though you always worry some.  I've got to believe you've got a good medical team in your area and I'm banking on that for you.

    I know this won't be an easy transition for you....but lots of help here to help you get through it:)

    So, you just get well, bud....I've found a ledge to hang on to for a, we got to get you one too:)

    Wishing you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery as can be.

    I"m ok, Laz.  Let's get you fixed now:)