Still Dancing with NED!

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6 1/2 yrs out from diagnosis with metastatic appendix cancer; 5 1/2 years out from the year of hell of multiple surgeries, inumerable complications, treatments, inumerable complications, I remain healthy and free of the beast.  I have been NED since my major surgery in July, 2007.

After 2 long days at MSK for tests, scans, and multiple dr appts, my surgeon (who oversees everything) finally got in to see me yesterday for my 4:30 appointment at 8:45pm (his life has been nuts.)  All news was good, tho he sat there recalling "How long did we have you in for ileus post-op?"  (Ans:  4 weeks.)

Yes, I have a new hernia, as I've suspected, but it is high up (several inches above my navel), not terribly big, and in an area that is unlikely to cause problems of entrapment.  We'll watch and wait on that.

We got home well after midnight (hadn't planned to stay in NYC because we figured with a 4:30 appointment, we'd be out by 7.  Silly me!  I know this dr, and he inevitably runs quite late.  He will not leave an exam room until his patients understand what he has to say and has been able to ask all their own questions.)

Dr. Paty was using the good "C" word, thinking I'm like cured, but we're still following up in 18 months - new scans, etc.

So to everyone, especially to you Stage IVs out there, know that a cancer diagnosis is not a guaranteed death sentence.  I'm living a full, normal life!  Kayaking is soon ending, curling is about to start!



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    Hi Alice,

    It’s wonderful news & everyone in this forum would love to hear that. Thank you for sharing your joy with everyone. It is encouraging. I was diagnosed with stage III CRC with Nodes positive & began my journey of uncertainty in early July with a positive frame of mind to fight this beast.

    You are right. Diagnosed with Cancer is no more a death sentence.   

    Good luck in your journey of NED for a full life time ahead. Smile




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    Great news Alice - so happy

    Great news Alice - so happy for you!

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    Well now, that's certainly


    Well now, that's certainly the news that I like to hear in the morning!  :)  

    Congrats!  I'm so very happy for you, another season of curling awaits!!  :)


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    That is awesome Alice. 6

    That is awesome Alice. 6 years NED since your last surgery. You might have beaten the beast. You inspire us all. Thanks for posting the good news. We can always use some good news around here.

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    Great News!!

    Thanks for sharing your news, sounds like an exhausting few days, but the final word makes it all worthwhile. 

    Enjoy your curling season


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    Congratulations! And Thank You!

    Thanks for sharing.


    I too am a Stage IV crc patient. And I am a Stage I TC surviver.

    I am finally looking at a real shot at NED!  My CEA has tested under 1 for a few months now.  I just finished chemo. Next step is scans and monitoring. Praise God!

    I hope I can follow you down that long and widing road called "NED"


    Thanks for sharing and keep heading North on NED!!!






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    so great

    to read this news. Happy dance!

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    Great News!!!!!!

    That's great news!!!!!! I'm only a few months into my stage IV diagnosis. I'm still in my confused and scared state so seeing your post today brings my spirits up. I enjoyed reading this. Enjoy yourself. You and everyone on here i've been reading about deserve it.

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    Laughing Happy Happy!



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    Laughing Happy Happy!




    Alice that is the very best news ever.......mags

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    Well, all I can say is YAY!!!

    Well, all I can say is YAY!!! Congrats to you!!!! I just finished up my treatments as well .. 2 years of full force ahead .. surgeries, treatments, surgeries and more treatments.  It was not an easy road .. I am in the scan and watch mode as well.  I sure loved to hear this news today!!! Hope is a wonderful thing! Cure is BETTER!!!! Cool

    Time to celebrate!!!


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    Alice, what a great post!!!!

    Thanks for the reminder that there IS life with cancer!!!


    HUGS, Kathi

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    You go girl.  So glad that you are clear.  You better go out and celebrate big time.  Thanks for update.

    Hugs!  Kim

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    Congratulations.  Very happy

    Congratulations.  Very happy for you.  I'll bet hearing that C word was music to your ears.  I am sure you post is inspiring others around the globe.  Thanks for sharing.

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    This is better than great

    What a wonderful post!  NED forever!

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    from a fellow stage IV.  I love how you keep active. 

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    YoVita said:


    from a fellow stage IV.  I love how you keep active. 

    Amazing     Now go out and

    Amazing LaughingLaughing    Now go out and CELEBRATE !!!!!!!

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    Can't believe I missed this!

    Sorry for the late reply, but just wanted to say WHOOO-HOO!

    Big hugs, and hopes for many more cancer-free years~AA

    PS I don't like it when they use the "c" word...I'm way too superstitous.  I'm not sure I'll ever get there mentally, no matter how many years go by!

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    Thank you for sharing, so glad, and may you remain ned always.