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I've been riding around on the roller coaster for 6 1/2 years now.  I've had many ups and downs, and some fun riding along.  I've been chugging up a big hill for about 6 months with my rising CEA, and it appears I'm near the top and about to head back down into treatment mode again. 

I saw my onc today to get the results of my PET Scan from last week.  CEA is up to 15.  I have 2 spots both in areas that lit up in April 2012, my last PET scan.  I thought chemo had cleared up the tumor in the right common iliac lymph node but it's active again (SUV=2.7), not as much as last year (SUV=3.2), but still active and larger (January 2013 CT Scan vs. July 2013 CT Scan).  The second area of hypermetabolic activity (SUV=3.6) is near where I had a perirectal lymph node removed last October and the surgeon didn't see anything else. This second area did not show up on the CT Scan I had in July 2013. 

Going to check in with the surgeon to see if he will remove the iliac lymph node and check out the perirectal area.  I also set up appointments to start chemo again-XELIRI.  Not too excited about that.  It didn't seem to do the trick last time, not sure how much good it will do this time.  I'm considering going back to 5-FU instead of xeloda, but dreading the side effects and time off work.  My onc mentioned radiation and that's a no go unless I have no choice and a colostomy.  I still remember one of our members talking about how paiful that was for him. 

Wish I could get off the roller coaster, but at least I get 9-12 months of riding the twists and turns enjoying life before chugging up the big hill again, and sliding back down into treatment.  While none of us really wish to be on the roller coaster, at least I've met some really good people on the ride.

I've got a busy weekend scrapbooking tomorrow night, the car show with my brother-in-law and his wife on Saturday, and making gingerbread haunted houses with my niece and nephew on Sunday.  Have a great fall weekend everyone!  Traci


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    I am sorry you have to deal

    I am sorry you have to deal with all this again.  Wish the news could have been better.  Keeping busy is a good idea.  You seem to have a great attitude.  Keep us posted.  Hopefully surgery will be an option.  Will be thinking of you.



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    I am sorry to hear that

    I am sorry to hear that Traci. So seem to have your head together and approaching this logically. Maybe you should continue the watch and see approach after surgery if they can remove both nodes. I have been doing the watch and see on one spot on my liver and plan to continue that we even if I have to have surgery rather then jump right back into treatment. I like you have my doubts about the effectiveness of treatment.

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    Traci - I'm so sorry you

    Traci - I'm so sorry you didn't get an all clear.  You have been at this a long time - you need a break!  Fingers crossed that the surgeon will remove the node!

    I always love your wedding picture - you guys look so happy!