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If I do find out that I have AC, it's good to see the majority of people survive it. 

Have there been many people here that didn't?  And, was it because it spread elsewhere?



  • mp327
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    I will give you one example of a person on this board who succumbed to this disease.  That was Joanne and she was the preson responsible for getting the American Cancer Society to create an anal cancer support group on this website.  Her disease metastasized and even though she fought it as hard as she could, it eventually took her life.

    However, it is true that most people diagnosed and treated appropriately for this disease do survive it.  Those diagnosed at a lower stage have the best odds, which is true with most cancers.  The problem is sometimes getting a correct diagnosis, as this disease is often overlooked and people are told they have bleeding hemorrhoids.

    We have many survivors here and if you do have a need to be on this board, we will help you through treatment.  I wish you all the best.