Surgery date approaching

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I will be in Tampa Monday, Oct. 7, for my pre-op. Surgery was confirmed recently for 10/16, partial nephrectomy. They plan to also do hernia repair if the kidney surgery goes well. Been having recent issue with low blood pressure and a slow heart rate. I hope that is not going to delay surgery. Heart rate normally runs in the 60s. Been 54-55 this week ... Wanting to get this surgery done. I have added incentive: a lady friend who recently came into my life. Feel lucky to have met her and lucky that the cancer was discovered early.



  • danbren2
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    Best of Luck


         Best of luck to you with your surgery.  Hope everything will be fine and surgery is done on schedule with no suprises! I am glad that you have someone special to go through this with, it is hard enough to deal with all the ups and downs and having someone to help with it is a blessing from God.

                                                            Love and prayers of good health!


  • Djinnie
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    I am so pleased to hear you are getting your surgery over and done with at last. We will be thinking of you on Monday. How wonderful that you have met someone, you will have so much to look forward to. All the best, let us know how you got on when you feel up to it:)