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I posted here in mid-August after I had a routine colonscopy, and the doctor found a suspicious lesion in the anal canal. The pathology report indicated low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion with glandular cells present. I had asked if anyone knew what "glandualar cells present" might mean. I was looking for information because my high resolution anoscopy (HRA) wasn't scheduled until September 27--6 weeks after my pathology report.

I finally had the HRA last Friday, after many weeks of worry (as users of this board will appreciate). First, the doctor said "glandular cells present" is an unusual notation on a pathology report, but he suspects the lab was just noting that cells from the rectum (which are different from the anal cells actually being tested) were included in the sample. He didn't attach any clinical significance to this. I provide this information in case someone in the future gets a similar pathology report and searches the board for "glandular."

Second, I just wanted to report that the exam went well. The DRE did not reveal any masses. They saw the lesion with the HRA, took a biopsy, and believe they were able to remove it all with a combination of excision and infrared cauterization. I will await the results of the biopsy, but the current plan is for me to return in 6 weeks to confirm that the lesion is gone. Then, depending on biopsy results, they may want to follow me either every 3 months for the first year, or I may be able to wait until 1 year for follow up. I should know later this week.

After the procedure, I've had some pain, which I've been able to manage with ibuprofen, and minimal bleeding. 

So, all in all, I feel very fortunate and appreciate the support I received on this board and the information that all are sharing here. Thanks!


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    I will pray that this lesion is gone never to return.


    I have had many skin cancers including squamous that were removed with biopsy, never returned.

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    Thank you for the info on the term "glandular" and the update on your scope.  I'm so glad to hear that the lesion was removed and I hope the path report will come back with negative results so you do not have to proceed with any type of treatment.  I'm glad you have been doing well post-procedure.  Please let us know what the path report says.  I wish you all the best.

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    Good news!
    I hope that lesionis gone, gone, gone!! Great news! So happy for you. Now, try not to worry and stay well!!!
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    Great news. So sorry about your discomfort but so happy to hear your ordeal is already over. Terrific news.



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    Good to hear - wishing you

    Good to hear - wishing you continued good health and issue-free screeningSmile