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Hope everyone is well, and just checking in with the old timers. I read the old posts on rashes, but my rash has occurred 3 times on my neck where the radiation occured, and quickly spreads across, and down past the collar bone, feeling hot, very red and swollen. I had cisplatin in 2009. I read your post skiffin, and am leaning towards stress. I have had this 3 times, and each time I was going thru a very stressfull time. I have been to the dermatologist - no clue, the Emergency room - wrong antibiotic, then my Primary care who prescibed Augmentin 875 mg 2X a day, and it has worked every time. Has anyone else had this "gift"! Lol! 

Keep on fighting warriors, and BELIEVE!

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    i read your post on the topic i posted about a week ago "has this happened to anyone" - The fact of the matter is my redness went away on its own - the rash started on a friday and by the time i realized it was a problem my only option would have been to go the the ER.I dont like the ER. I sent a picture of the redness to my radiologist who said he didnt think it was cancer related but said if the fever persisted to go to my primary. my fever broke on saturday and by monday i was all better. If i was not feeling better or the redness was still present i was going straight to my ENT on Monday. A few things I would lile to ask you is did your neck feel so sore that you could hardly lift it up?Did you have a fever? Did you notice that lymphodima under your chin got a little more swollen than usual? All three things happened to me with my episode. one of my theories is that this is the way my body will now react to colds/flu/fever ETC. But only a theory. I am 10 months out of recovery 3 cisplatin and around 40 rads - unknown primary - one lymph node removed. another theorie i have is that being my ears do not drain properly anymore (another gift) and i had to have a tube put in, maybe that had something to do with the occurance. In any event I took pictures so the next time I do see the ENT i can show him that my neck loooked like i was in the sun for a week only where I had the radiation. 

    I wish i could be more help,

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    Hey Patty girl.....

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