9 Months After Treatment for Stage 3 Left Side Tonsil Cancer with Lymphnode Involvement on Same Side

Hi Friends,

I always like to post my progression so those currently in treatment will have hope of a positive outcome. 

I appear to still be a friend of NED!  I just had a 9 month CT scan done as part of my follow up after treatment and doctor did another scope of the throat area.  Doctor said that CT report shows that all is stable and everything looked good when he did the scope.  I got the all clear for another 3 months. 

In December, it will be my 1 year mark and a full body PET scan will be done.

My taste buds and saliva are still issues but still slowing improving (I think).  My energy is much improved.  I had a great summer as life is slowing getting back to normal. 

I read the posts on here daily and I really appreciate the information and support that you all provide to me!!

Best wishes to everyone here :)


  • Skiffin16
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    Cool Deal...

    Keep on doing the great job your are doing..., obviously your body likes it...


  • CivilMatt
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    9 month NED


    Always nice to hear NED is moving in.

    I am with you on the taste front.  If I was blind folded there is no telling what I would eat.

    Improving on all fronts at “Joan’s pace”, that’s cool.


  • debbiejeanne
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    joan, glad all is go'n well. 

    joan, glad all is go'n well.  keep it up.


  • hwt
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    joan, glad all is go'n well. 

    joan, glad all is go'n well.  keep it up.



    Happy for you...celebrate!

  • josh r.
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    Hi Joan,

    Bit by bit, little by little and nibble by nibble the taste shall return. The same for you Civilmat. Keep tasting. josh r.