Hi Martha! It's Official - I'm Published Now on the World Wide Web:)

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I always keep my promises:)

And I promised you that I'd share the link with you and the group when we finally, officially got one of my stories published.

Coping magazine is a major cancer publication for 27 years now, so I'm very proud to have my work accepted by their organization.  It's taken me a couple of years of rejections and I had a friend on my board, who directed me towards these folks.....and then I submitted a couple of stories...and this one stuck. 

It is a story about Survivorship and Coping with Cancer after all.....the bread and butter of their cancer mission.  So I'm so proud to have the opportunity to be able to contribute to the September/October 2013 issue......the article just came out online....mag will be printing and distributed shortly.

Here is the link.....scroll to the bottom where you see "The Legend of Big Billy" under Survivor of the Week.....next week, they will move that article to the Inspiration//Survivor section of their webpage,. 

Anyway, you've read the full story I wrote......this one they edited to fit their space requirements.  Concessions had to be made, so that perhaps one day, I'll have the platform to have my words read as they were originally written. 

But, this is my proudest day!  To be published is unbelievable and I just wanted to share with you and those I know here. 


Take care!




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    This is so awesome and I am very proud of you!  I know how excited you are and you should be!  No one understands survival better than you do--its ups, downs and all in between.  I know that anyone who reads this will be truly inspired by you.  Thanks for sharing this with all of us here--we are privileged to be notified by the author himself of this publication!  You rock! 

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    Thank you
    Thank you for writing this. I love it! Congratulations for putting into words what all of us have felt!
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    Way to go Craig!

    Way to go Craig!

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    craig,  sooooo wonderful...... thanks.....sephie

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    You have a LOT to be proud of........thanks for sharing your excitement with us!!!!! Congratulations!