"Personalized Cancer Treatment and the Myth of KRAS Wild-type Colon Tumors"

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For those whose treatment is based upon Kras wild status, this article,by Barbara Parsons can be found at discoverymedicine.com from 4/26/13. In a recent post mention was made of Kras wild actually being mutant as one reason certain treatment(s) start to no longer work; this article is worth reading. (don't have direct link)

and an article posted today at internalmedicinenews.com suggests all stage IVs be tested for lynch syndrome("Selective screening missed 13% of Lynch syndrome-associated colorectal cancers")


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    Thanks for posting this,  I

    Thanks for posting this,  I knew I read it somewhere recently .....  I hope Winter sees this, as I tried to somewhat explain it on her post.    You do a MUCH better job!!!!