Bi-annual scan results.......

marbleotis Member Posts: 720 Member

I got an "all clear" on the abdominal and chest CT's today.  All other tests have been clear also.  I am 1.5 years NED.


I am making my new-normal.

My best to everyone.  This fight never ends.



  • jen2012
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    Great news - congrats!

    Great news - congrats!

  • tommycat
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    Very good news and very nice of you to share!

    your friend in California~


  • Trubrit
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    Woo hoo!

    Great news!

    News we all want to hear. 

    Keep on travelling down that NED road.

  • steveandnat
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    Music to my ears

    That is such great news...enjoy every second being NED! Jeff

  • herdizziness
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    Great news and here's to endless years of your new normal!!!

    Winter Marie

  • Gavin63
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    This is great news. Wish you

    This is great news. Wish you good luck to be NED forever :)


  • janderson1964
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    Great news. Your right the

    Great news. Your right the fight never ends but if we understand that while being NED we have a much better outcome. Keep fighting.

  • annalexandria
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    Great news!

    Making it a year and a half NED is a big deal.  I'm very happy for you!


  • thxmiker
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    Congratulations on a good scan!   We all need to hear great news from others here.  The Beast can be put to rest and beat!


    Keep fighting the good fight.


    Best Always, mike 

  • Chelsea71
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    Excellent news!

    Excellent news!  Congratulations.  That must be a great feeling.  So happy for you.



  • traci43
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    Happy dance!

    That's so great.  May you continue to be NED!

  • Happyhar
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    This is just like having someone you care about saying" I Love You !"

  • hippiechicks
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    Congrats on your continued

    Congrats on your continued NED!!  Awesome news!  Wink

  • Maxiecat
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    Wonderful news!

    Wonderful news!