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Hi everyone ... I am Julie, Cammie88 (Christie's) mom.  I have decided to introduce myself and thank all of you for caring for my daughter.  I think Christie has told you that we are going to the Oncologist for the first time tomorrow.  We will probably post after we get home.  I want all of you to know that I will beat this thing !!  In the meantime, your words of encouragement will keep me strong for my husband and children.  Love and prayers to all, Julie


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    Sorry missed the original post from your daughter but welcome to the board.  Make sure that you take notes and write down questions before you get there.  We are a great group with a lot of caring people so after you get back from the doctor tomorrow, please let us know how you are doing and let us know if there was anything that you didn't understand.  Wishing you the best.


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    Hi Julie

    I just finished reading your daughters post.  She sounds like a devoted daughter and you are lucky to have her at your side.  I am fairly new to the boards myself and have just started on my Folfox treatments.  Tomorrow will be number two. Your daughter mentioned that the thought of chemo scared you.  It had always been my greatest fear.  I had breast cancer twice and due to staging didn't need chemo but now colon cancer stage three made it a requirement.  I know everyone is different and every treatment is different but I was amazed at how easy my first treatment was.  Really tired after the disconnect and a little nausea.  I know this time that I will not stop taking the nausea meds as early as I did. I started my treatment on a Monday and disconnect was Wednesday.  By Saturday I was ready to cook dinner for my grandsons and go with them to the movies.  After that it was a breeze.


    I don't post often and as you can see I don't have much experience but if you have any questions as you enter your treatments I would be happy to share what I learn with you.


    Good luck with your meeting at the Oncologist.


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    Welcome!   We are sending our

    Welcome!   We are sending our thoughts and prayers for you to find a good solution for your daughter's health!


    Many can answer questions on treatments and diet, etc... related to cancer.  We all have a little bit different journey with a lot of similarities. 


    The more specific the question the better others can help you. That is also true with your Doctors.  The more specific the question from you to them, the more secific the answer they can give you.  The Oncology nurses are also more likely to help you with the stomach, digestive, and pain issues.  They speak frankly with a lot of patients and can give advice on such. 


    Best Always,  mike

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    Hello Julie

    I hope your oncologist appointment went well. If you found out the type of chemo you will be on/or SUGERY let us know, and we'll help you through it, we've all had a few different experiences as chemo isn't the same for everyone, but there will be someone going through what you are and can help out a bit.

    keep strong!!

    Winter Marie

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    Hello Julie,
    Sad that you had

    Hello Julie,

    Sad that you had to be in this forum. But it is the right place. Everyone here are so concern of others & all out to help with whatever the questions that you may have on this dreadful decease. Share there experiences. I joined this wonderful forum 2 months ago. Whenever I log in (Daily routine event :) )I feel that I am with my own people.

    My advice to you is to stay positive & set short & long term goals in life & they will give you the courage to fight this monster. All the best to you & your family.


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    Sorry that you have to be on

    Sorry that you have to be on this forum but we are glad that you are here. We will help you and support you any way we can. There are a lot of caring people here with a lot of experience.