Toxicity of Folfox for family

I am so confused and everyone seems to have a different answer.  I had asked my oncologist about taking precautions with the bathroom at home during chemo pump infusions.  She said don't worry that isn't the type of chemo you are going to be on. My first chemo was two weeks ago and the infusion nurse said it was alright to have sex 48 hrs after pump disconnect and to double flush while on pump and 48 hrs after.  This started me researching and darned if I can find agreement.  Just read an article that the person's infusion nurse told him to have protected sex, double flush, double wash clothes and dishes all during chemo.  Now I am worried.


What does everyone here do?


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    Each to his own

    I have found that there are tons of different options out there and whose to say theirs is the right one.

    (I was at my worst 48 hours after the pump disconnect, so sex was out of the question).  I was told to double flush but nothing about clothes or dishes.  Certainly my husband seems fine, so I'd say all was well.

    Good luck figuring out what will work for you; but DON'T fret over it, you'll probably end up doing what suits you in the long run.

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    Don't fret about this stuff too much.  Use a condom if that makes you feel more protected, probably a good idea.  As far as double towels, why?  You just washed your hands, they are clean.  I never did anything like that with George although I did hang a fresh towel every day or other day.  As far as double dishes, same thing.  We use a  dish or glass we put it in the dishwasher.  I think it is more important to keep the bathroom area clean.  Have some of those disposable wiper cloths around  and give the rim a wipe but I would think you don't need to do that every time you use the toilet.  If  you want to double flush go ahead.  At the onc's office there is a sign to double flush.  Don't know why though. 

    Take care - Tina  

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    I could have written Tina's post - our experience was pretty much identical.  I kept the kitchen and Rick's downstairs' half bath extremely clean, and used those Lysol wipes constantly.  I probably went overboard, but it just made me feel better, like I was actually doing something to help.  (As a caregiver, I felt rather helpless at times, ok, most times...)   But after a while you start to realize that it's just not all that important.  As for sex after 48 hours off the pump - seriously??!!   Rick was only 42 and in good shape, but he could barely move out of his chair for at least five days after disconnect.  But if you're up to it - God bless ya!  ;)   I never thought much about the chemo hurting me, I just didn't care.  And I've never heard of re-washing towels and dishes, that's just strange - who the heck told you that one?!  Eventually you'll get into a routine and realize that you really don't need to worry about such little things.

    Take care,


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    I was told not to worry, just

    I was told not to worry, just to take extra precaution. I would make sure I was the only one using a specific towel and kept things Clean as per usual. We would wait a couple days to have sex. My husband had no complaints. No one got sick. Just keep proper hygiene, which should be done regardless.

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    Thanks all

    I am most concerned about keeping my family safe from the chemo.  It seems that the precautions you took are the ones that I am using.  One Treatment down and number two starts tomorrow.

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    I was NOT told any of this

    I was NOT told any of this nor was it in the take home reading.  I keep things fresh and clean anyway but my 5 year old is very clingy. 

    Thanks for this post- it surely is something I needed to be aware of!

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    Never heard any of this

    My husband finished 12 treatments in July.  I never heard ANY of this from any of the doctors, PAs or nurses.  It kind of freaks me out now


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    I also was not told of any extra care

    Nothing mentioned about double flushing or sex or anything.  5FU has a very short half life, which is why you need the infusion for 46 hours - to keep it active in your system longer than the 10 minutes it is active "on arrival".  Do what makes you feel comfortable, but don't feel a need to be paranoid.

    However, if your pump leaks (as mine did a couple of times) remember to use the "hazmat" kit they give you for cleanup.  On the one hand, i was told to wash the clothes onto which it leaked separately or to throw them out (not happening).  On the other, when I had a major leak of 5FU (FUDR) onto my clothing during an intraperitoneal chemo session, the nurses gave me some hospital garb to wear home, and said nothing special about handling my contaminated clothes.

    Use reasonable precautions, but don't go crazy about it.


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    Folfox Precautions?

    I was on Folfox with two different oncologists, Florida and Michigan. Neither cautioned us about any of this. Interesting