KANZIUS TREATMENT(new treatment for cancer without any side effects)


recently, I just found out that there is an ongoing research about treating cancer without any side effects. I hope that this treatment works because we all need it to. http://www.kanziuscancerresearch.org/ the site's last update said that the research is in it's most critical stage, Getting the fda'a approval for human trials. the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment has been proven to destroy 100 percent of cancer cells with no damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.  Cancer affects me a lot. my mother is battling anaplastic astrocytoma up to this day . We put our trust in the Lord. Hope This Helps !


  • mccindy
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    It would be wonderful if something like this were to work for human cancers.  However it is difficult to get one's hopes up for this particular form of treatment, because they currently have not received FDA approval to move into human trials, and likely won't until at least 2015.  Also, this particular treatment is not being tested on any form of brain cancer, but primarily on cancers of the soft tissues in the body.  We can always hope one of these projects will result in a cure for our cancer, but it will be at minimum several more years before this one is even close to approval, and then we don't know if it will work on brain cancer.