No Liver Lesions!

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As you all know my CT on Moday showed a questionable small spot. We followed up with a liver ultrasound and it shows all clear. What a relief!!!

So now we "just" have to cut this sucker out, get some more chemo and we should be good. Not crazy about losing my Sphincter and the permanent colostomy, but at least nobody can call me an "arshole" after that lol.

Thank you to all of you to help me to hold it together and I m counting on you during the surgery phase as well.




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    Excellent news Laz!  Great

    Excellent news Laz!  Great way to start the weekend :)   Congrats!

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    Great news!!!!   :)  I am


    Great news!!!!   :)  I am so happy for you - one less problem.  Now, go get that dang tumor out!!!

    All my best,


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    That is definitely good news.  Going through the surgery is not a picnic but you will get through it.  Make sure you walk, walk, walk and then, yup, walk some more.  It's going to hurt like heck and you're going to think you can't put even one more step in front of you, but you will.  Don't overdo it though, but it's important that just because it hurts, you don't become a couch potato.  I'm surprised that your radiation didn't shrink it even a little, but everyone is different.  Mine was close to the sphincter muscle too, but when my surgeon got into the area he was able to remove the rectum and then reconstruct a new one from the existing colon.  If you need any more information about the surgery, just ask and we will be able to help you.  Nice picture Smile



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    Yay!!!!!  Good for you!!! You

    Yay!!!!!  Good for you!!! You can do this next part easy peasy! 

    I have had my ostomy since my original surgery ... I am thankful for it .. it saved my life.  It also makes treatments much easier as there is no feeling at the ostomy site. 

    Feel free to PM me if I can be of futher help to you! Cool

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    That's great news.  Hope the upcoming surgery goes well.  Traci

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    You just made my day!

    You just made my day!  Congratulations.



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    Hi Laz,
    So happy to hear that

    Hi Laz,

    So happy to hear that you are all clear with the spot on your liver.  I love all my friends on the board. They are all concern of each other & I feel that I am talking to my family. Let's fight this monster out together.

    Good luck to you on your surgery & I am sure you will come out of it strongly & keep posting the experience of your journey to all your friends.


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    That's great news Laz. I am

    That's great news Laz. I am sure you are on a 3 month scan cycle since you are still treatment but if not I would insist on a follow up scan in 3 months.

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    Super news!!  Thanks for sharing!