How Do You Stay Positive and Hopeful?

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We all know that the cancer journey is a roller coaster ride. You have highs and lows, successes and defeats.

In the middle of all this is hard to stay positive and hopeful and we all have to build a new reality.

I'm wondering if you have any "technique", ritual, activity or a mental process to get you and keep you in a good state of mind.



  • OMG 1012
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    I try to always be happy and keep on being "me"  Get up every day (and I did this through entire treatment) and go to work.  My job was awesome and I did 1/2 days which made a HUGE difference in my treatment and recovery.  Gave me a reason to get up everyday and not feel sorry for myself.  Therefore I got better quicker I think, TY for your awesome posts and sharing your feeling and Congrats on you marriage :)

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    Well, I have to say that your marriage has given me a good boost of positive energy and is a reminder that all things are possible and cancer does not end the possibility of finding love!

    I pray a lot to stay positive. I am a Catholic, and I find great peace and comfort in the Rosary. Lately, I have to make a concious effort to laugh. That isn't like me, but the roller coaster has its down times.

    I try to spend time with family and friends as much as possible now. Also, I get great comfort from nature. I live near the ocean, which gives me peace.