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If any of you might remember 6 mo ago I had great results from my PET after starting Erbitux and resuming Irinotecan.  All but one lesion showed no activity and that one was smaller and less active. After 3 more mo of the same weekly treatments I got the results my last week scan yesterday. Many new and reactivated lesions in the liver, paraaortic lymph node, new lymph node near the pancreas, new numerous spots in the mid peritoneum and omentum fat. Needless to say, not very good news.

My onc said there is a new test he just found out about and I will be the 1st he has ordered it for. It uses original biopsy tissue to assay for 200 different enzymes, receptor sites, proteins, etc to determine if a some of those sites will be sensitive to certain drugs and therapies. A week or ten days to get results, then he will check to see if I can fit into any clinical trials here in Fort Worth or over in Dallas where several new trials are being done.

This is my 5 yr anniversary since diagnosis of stage IVb and I'm no quiter. Still no pain, never any serious ill feelings from the Folfiri, Folfox, or Erbitux regemins that total over 112 sessions of infusions. I've always held on to hope, prayer, faith, and the will to survive, but at the same time I know that cancer kills. I'm ready for whatever comes next.    

Please don't say you're sorry about the bad news. I've already survived much longer than expectations and more chemos than my onc has given to any one else. I just wanted to pass on this new test he is talking about and get responses from anyone else who has heard of it or had it done.



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    Is this the same testing that

    Is this the same testing that Kathleen808 just posted about?  I'm not sure - but good luck and let us know how things are going.

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    Hi Dan,One hundred and

    Hi Dan,

    One hundred and twelve sessions?  That is truly remarkable! You're in inspritation and you give me a lot of hope, thanks!!!   I've done over 57 over the course of 8.5 years,  and after each session I think to myself, how much longer can I go on like this?  You have given me and others proof that the human body/spirit  can endure a lot of chemo and all that goes with it.    Thanks for blazing a trail and letting us know about your experience, I know its already helped me! 


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    keep us posted

    That's great that your onc is going to try a new test.  Hopefully that will reveal the most effective treatments.  Good luck!

    Wow, you've been trhough a lot in 5 years.  112 infusions, I'm impressed and amazed. I've been through 54 I think, and am not looking forward to more.  Traci

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    Hi there ... it does sound as

    Hi there ... it does sound as if you are speaking of the testing that was just posted.  Dr. Lenz speaks of it here ... interesting info

    Hope this helps!

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    the test sounds interesting

    Hey Dan, that new test sounds very interesting. Please keep us posted about it, and about the results of your test! It would be so great if they can accurately determine the ecosystem surrounding your cancer cells! And then, let's hope that you can go after the cancer cells with determination, precision, and equal level of malignancy!

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    We all have our own battle.  

    We all have our own battle.   You do inspire me for keeping up the great attitude.  Do not let anyone or anything take that from you.    I am also waiting to hear about a more targeted chemo.   Else, I am also looking into additional treatments.  TCM, builiding my immune system, building my muscle structure, gaining better health. 


    Do not let cancer define you.  Your attitude will define you.


    We are sending our thoughts and prayers for a great outcome.  

    Best Always,  mike

  • Hi there ... it does sound as

    Hi there ... it does sound as if you are speaking of the testing that was just posted.  Dr. Lenz speaks of it here ... interesting info

    Hope this helps!

    Targeted testing

    I didn't see Kathleen808's post but I watched Dr. Lenz's video and it does sound like there has been enough advancement since 2011 to start using the molecular structure of colon cancer to target specific aspects of the cellular properties that are vulnerable to designed theraputics. It does sound promising rather than "Let's see what Folfiri + 5FU will do, and if that doesn't work let's try Folfox + 5FU, or Cetuximab, or Xeloda, or Zaltrap; hopefully something will work at least to keep you going for a few more years.

    I'm glad to see molecular and DNA science advancing so rapidly that hopefully in a few more years more and more cancers will be curable instead of just giving us hope for a few more months or years to spend with our loved ones. But I have to admit that facing my own mortality has been a wake up call to enjoy life and it's pleasures instead of not even noticing when a house wren or a cardinal calls to it's mate to make sure it is still close by, or just what it means to hold my wifes hand as we walk down the street.

    Thanks for your interest, I'll let you know in a week or so when I find out more about the new test. Dan 

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    easier extras

    Have you looked at some of the easier adjuncts that we talk about, like PSK, high vitamin D3, B6, flavonoids (eg fruit extracts, milk thistle extract, quercetin, EGCG) ? Or perhaps finding doctors familiar with cimetidine, celecoxib or IV ivtamin C ?