Liver Cancer with cirrhosis caused by Hep C - I'm desperate to find more options for my husband.

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I'm desperate to find help for my husband, he was diagnosed last week with liver cancer, 9cc tumor that is invading the portal vein.  Also portal vein thrombosis.  He has been being monitored by a liver specialist for almost 2 years now with routine ultrasounds and bloodwork and now this tumor ~ at 9cc?  Aside from the anger I'm feeling hopeless and lost.  We met with an oncologist and surgeon this week and he was told he had 6-9 months worst case senario and a year or longer best case.  She wants to treat with Nexavar and Yttrimin treatment.  The surgeon told us that he was not a candidate for liver transplant because of the size of the tumor.  (another reason for my anger as he was having ultrasounds every 4 months - why wasnt this found when the tumor was smaller and surgery could have been an option?)  I refuse to accept this, there has to be other options.  Please if any of you have had a similiar situation with any success in treatment - please share with me.  I would be so grateful.  God Bless.


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    We're in the same boat

    Hannah, my other half (long time partner, not married) is also suffering from liver cancer from Hep. C that has metastacized.  He started taking Nexavar a few days ago and seems to have declined quite a bit since then.  He also had an episode with Xanax for an MRI.  The oncologist prescribed Xanax and he got 5.  He took all 5 and tried to drive home.  Thankfully, the police officer who stopped him was kind and let him off with a warning.  Since the 5 Xanax taken 2 days ago, he has not been the same--he sleeps most of the day, slurs his words, and is not steady on his feet.  Like your husband, my guy is not a candidate for transplant any longer because the cancer has spread throughout the liver and has metastacized to lymph nodes, lungs, and possibly bones.  He was perfectly fine until Aug. 14 when he had a TACE treatment.  Since then, he's had a great deal of pain.  What was just 2 small tumors in July is now spread, so I am guessing that this cancer moves quickly.  

    His oncologist was upfront and honest and she said that he would die from liver failure.  She said it could be a month or it could be a year.  It is very hard to accept, but the only thing Nexavar can do is to prolong life by 3 months.  It cannot cure the cancer.  I hate to sound so hopeless, but the situation is pretty hopeless.  The best thing that can be done is to enjoy what life is left and be prepared.  It took me weeks to accept my guy's sickness.  I still don't accept it 100% even though I do know that it will kill him.  I hate it.  I plan to do whatever I can to make his last days as comfortable as possible and to make sure that he exits this life with dignity and knowing that I love him.  


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