Can't understand the fluctuation of PSA results.

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 I'm new to the forum and after reading quite a few posts concerning PSA results I'm still at a loss for why the numbers fluctuate. I am posting my PSA history from detection to the present in hopes of receiving a viable reason for the up again down again readings. My Urologist (third one) is always in a hurry and I usually get the results from a nurse or faxed to me. I was given a choice between radiation and hormones and chose the latter because of the nightmare side effects that are possible with radiation. I have the disc from the MRI and the report (and 3 slides) which reveal that the tumor is attached to the bladder at one end and the Colon at the other. Radiation would be a last resort.


                               PSA Results Summary

DATE                      Result 

 04/30/2007               4.2

09/11/2007  Radical Prostatectomy Di Vinci method

10/15/2007             <0.1

12/18/2007             <0.1

01/22/2008             <0.1                      

08/08/2008             <0.4                      

02/09/2009             <0.4                      

08/13/2009               0.08                    

 02/17/2010              0.08                    

 08/19/2010              0.40

 02/17/2011              0.33                    

 05/17/2011              0.25                    

09/13/2011               0.27                    

03/02/2012               1.0

05/16/2012   Appointment canceled

05/22/2012   Appointment canceled by doctor

06/06/2012               1.0

06/14/2012   Appointment canceled by doctor

01/31/2013   Appointment canceled by doctor

02/21/2013   Appointment canceled by doctor

02/27/2013               2.4

05/29/2013               2.8

08/01/2013               3.6  

08/01/2013  1 month injection of  Firmagon 240 mg to both sides of the abdomen.                                                                                        

08/26/2013               2.5

08/26/2013  3 month injection of Lupron 22.5 mg in the Derrière

10/14/2013   Next PSA test

If anyone else has had fluctuating PSA results, I would be thankful for their input.


10/16/2013              1.5   Thank you, God!


11/27/2013  Next PSA test 


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    So sorry to read about your

    So sorry to read about your numbers. I would immediately fire that urologist and find a new one that specializes in Prostate Cancer.

    Also as another suggestion have you ever been on the website? They have a section on prostate cancer and many of the men on that forum are Very Informed.

    I bounce back and forth between this forum and also that one.

    The membership on healingwell is more active than on this forum. I think that both forums have their place but I know you can get some fast answers over their on situation.

    My urologist insists on seeing me in person to tell me PSA results. He will not let the nurses give out over the phone.

    I had davinci 4 years ago and am had my 5th IMRT radiation session today due to local recurrance. Sometimes you have to be your own advocate for health.

    My psa was at .2