Pathology report

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I need some help with my pathology report.  I was thrilled to be told my kidney tumour is an oncocytoma.  I looked at the pathology report and circled something to check out later but I never did check it out.  Tonight I pulled it out while going through a file. The thing I circled was in the staining says  "cytokeratin 7 stain shows scattered (but not diffuse) strongly positive cells within tumour.  Vimentin and CD10 are negative. The morphology and staining properties of the tumour are mostly in keeping with oncocytoma."  I circled it because I was confused at a positive cytokeratin in what is supposed to be a benign tumour.  So today I did some research and CK7+, vimentin- and CD10- is not the profile for oncocytoma.  I am not sure I have seen the words mostly in keeping in regards with pathology before.  I have had other tumour pathologies, have never run into this.  My six month first scan is coming up next month, I figured I was in the clear, now I am not so sure.  I have not seen a kidney pathology before and am hoping one of you might have some thoughts.  Thanks!