Getting Married On The 15th!

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2 and a half years ago I met a young woman in Santa Monica. I was wounded from a bad marriage and a bitter divorce and afraid of commitment. Over time we grew closer together, appreciated each other's values and qualities that are about the fundamentals: love, keep yourself attractive by always looking good, do admirable things for each other and others. We have been living together for a while, created a beautiful home and great careers. 

We both came from messed up families, but unlike a lot of people who tend to repeat their parents mistakes, we committed to build a loving relationship even though we couldn't be different: she is black I'm white, quite an age difference, she is an American city girl, I'm an Easter European village boy, she is an executive for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and I'm a dentist. 

We both love to cook ( I'm better, she says she is), gardening, music. I love the way she dresses and the way she moves, her voice. I stil can't take my eyes off her, she is convinced I'm crazy. She loves my family, because she hasn't got one.

The hardest days off my life were after my diagnosis and before I talked to her. She showed me that I can count on her in everything and she will be strong for both of us and things will be all right. And all this I have no doubt about.

It's gonna be a small ceremony: in our backyard under a tent that I'll build and decorate. Only 12 people. Menu: Hungarian chicken soup with home made pasta, salmon with steamed veggies and saffron rise, orange chocolate cake (whatever that is), toste with 1993 Tokaji Assu dessert wine that I have been saving for a special day for 20 days and now I've got it.

Our song goes like this: "This may not be the right time, I may not be the right one, but there is something about us..." by Daft Punk: Something about us. Please look it up on Youtube, it's good.





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    I am very happy for you and your fiance.  May your marriage be blessed with many years of happiness and good health!

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    The kind of love that brings two people together in marriage is a blessing from God. Some people go through their entire lives never knowing this type of love, some have it only briefly, and some are able to hold it for many many years. My wish is that you have the kind that will endure all the ups and downs through life and sustain you both for ever. You sound very happy and excited for your new life. Congratulations!!!!

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    It sure is great to hear such good news on this site! I hope that you have found a love that will endure all things! I am very happy that you are planning a long and happy life ahead! Your wedding sounds lovely and the menu sounds delicious! I hope that your daughter is able to handle this news and that she can participate with you. It is never easy for a child to give up the dream of her family reuniting. Best wishes to you all!
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    Congratulations! I am so happy for your news. But 12? Really? I'll be there in spirit & I am sure a few more from this site will be too! Congratulations again. 


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    Congratulations to both of you, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. I'll leave you with a little irish proverb... Always remember to forget the troubles that passed away, But never forget the blessings that come each day....

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    Congratulations.  I wish you

    Congratulations.  I wish you all the best.