Totally OT - I have a FANTASTIC eye DR!

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For the last month, I've been dealing with a 'BAD' eye problem (not IBC related).  Won't say much but I had surgery yesterday afternoon.  My DR wanted to see me at 9 this morning - I was there about 8:35 - he drove up about 9:50.  I was the only person he came in to see!!!

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    That is one special doctor. 

    That is one special doctor.  Lucky you.

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    very nice of him

    very nice of him


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    very nice of him

    very nice of him


    He gave you the

    He gave you the royal treatment.Most doctors don't go out of their way,I have one that is very friendly and nice.Kinda takes the edge off of getting eye exams.

    I had somewhat a similiar situation.I was seeing floaters and lights when I turned my head.It hit sudden.Went to ER and had a few check ups.Followed with a new eye doctor.He found a cateract.I'd only been on tamoxifin for 6 months.I thought Oh no. He told me right away tamox caused it but you must keep taking it.Your body is more important.He told me it was small and nothing to worry about now.

    Oh then I told him I have DDD,(Direction Deficient Disorder(I made it up).I said this office is so big I hope I find my way out.He took me to the front desk LOL 

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